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What Size Storage Heater Do I Need?

What Size Storage Heater Do I Need?

One of the most asked questions is what size storage heater do I need? Simply bigger is better. This article will explain why in simple terms with a sizing chart.

12 watts per square foot is the magic number. This accounts for all insulation types, drafts poor windows or anything else you may run into with sizing the heater.

What Size Storage Heater Do I Need Chart?

room size100 sq feet200 sq feet300 sq feet400 sq feet500 sq ft
watts 1200 watt2400 watt3600 watt4800 watt6000 watt
room size600 sq feet700 sq feet800 sq feet900 sq feet1000 sq feet
watts 7200
8400 watts9600 watts10800 watts 12000 watts
1000 watts = 1kw

How To Calculate The KW For A Room

When sizing heater for a room there are number of factors that you need to take into consideration. The industry standard is 10 watts per square foot. This is usually the number that we use on newer style homes when installing basic electric baseboard heat.

In brand new homes made of thermal insulation or ICF we can go as low as 7 watch per square foot. This is assuming the home has brand new windows and up to date insulation.

When it comes to thermal storage heating we like to go 12 watch per square foot . This covers the heater to be oversized and keep it longer storage time. You’re pretty much safe if you use this number for sizing.

An example of this would be a room size 10 by 10 equals 100 square feet. You wait times that 100 square feet by 12 which would work out to 1200 Watt heater. The chart above shows you different sizes for different square footage.

Remember that 1000 Watt equals one kilowatt. So you would simply divide your 1000 Watts by 100.

Why Bigger Is Better When Sizing A Storage Heater

what size storage heater do i need

As mentioned above using a larger storage heater is better because it gives you longer storage time.

Assume you were to take 1000 watt heater and stick it in a 100 square foot room and it takes 2 hours to heat add 15 cents kilowatt hour it will cost you 30 cents.

If you were to take a 2000 watt heater and stick it in 100 square foot room it would heat up twice as quick costing the same amount of money.

Ok, So What About Insulation Values?

Insulation values should be standard R 24 in walls and R 40 in the attic. It is also important to have an insulated floor in your basement if you plan to install these heaters in an area like this.This will play into what size storage heater do I need.

Remember the less insulation value you have the more it will take to heat the area. Blown in insulation is your best type of insulation on the market today. You can leave the insulation in your attic and it will settle into cracks.

These are all factors when determining what size storage heater will I need to install in the home or that room. Vapour barrier is also very important when having new installation installed. If you are building a new home then consider using icf insulated concrete block building.

What About Drafty Areas?

Drafty areas like around windows and doors can be a problem for the heaters. When doing in install we tend to stay away from doors. Every time a door open it is falsely telling the heater that it needs to turn on.

Entryways are not a good location to install a thermal storage heater. The heater will sense the temperature every 30 seconds which will confuse the thermostat in just thinking but it needs to take a charge.

Mounting the heater under a window is it typical installation however this is not required. The heater can be mounted on any wall space.

Do I need To Replace My Windows?

Typically know you do not need to replace your windows to install thermal storage heater. Having said this is important that you use the larger size for square footage if you have older windows.

Newer double pane windows are the industry standard and are recommended if you’re doing any renovations. Placement of the heater is also very important.

Since the standard height of the heater is 25 and a half inches we have to be careful for positioning them. There are number of times where we have to go to the side of the window to find wall space to mount the heater.

It is also a good practice to keep the heater away from any drapes that would hangover the heater in cause it to shut off in safety mode.

What About The Electricity Cost When Sizing The Storage Heater?

Electricity costs when determining what size storage heater do I need always play into a factor. Although larger heaters are better they can consume quite a bit of electricity.

In this case it is important to pay attention to those insulation in window values . If you have a very drafty room then you’re heating cost will be higher.

Keep in mind that because you were on this time of use meter then the rates or less than what they would normally be. There are number of settings on the heater that you can cut it back to take less of storage. I would wait until you have a couple of power bill cycles before you determine that decision.

Storage Heater Sizes?

Below is an easy to read chart did sure you all of the ecombi models and wattage sizes. More on these heaters here.

ecombi model 158 unit 208model 308model 408
910 watt1300 watt1960 watt2620 watt
steffes 2102210321042105
3000 watt4500 watt6000 watt7500 watt

Is There Difference Between A KW And A Watt For Sizing?

So 1000 Watts is it cold to 1 kW. As an example if you have a 10 kW heater then that would convert to 10,000 Watts. If you have a 20 kW heater then that will convert 20,000 Watts and so on.

You simply divide the water to number by 100 . When talking in terms of kW hours on your power bill they charge you so many cents per kWh used.

If you were to use 1000 Watt for one hour this would be one kilowatt hour. Let’s assume they charge you 15 cents per kWh. This will cost you 15 cent.

Now lets do an example of a dryer. Let’s say it takes one hour to dry load clothes. The average dryer has a 5 kilowatt element in it. If you take 5 kilowatt and times it by 15 cents we will get a total of 75 cents to dry that lot of clothes.

What is the Best Storage Heater ?

According to a 2020 marketing report the ecombi with a digital Wi-Fi control is the best on the market at the moment. For more on these heaters click here.

These models ever built in Wi-Fi module so that you can control the heater from your phone. This means if you have smart home equipment you can turn the temperature of the heater up and down from your phone anywhere in the world.

The heaters also come built in with warning alarms in case the heater stopped working where the temperature drops below the set point for that particular heater or room.

This can be very handy if you’re worried about your home more pipes freezing up and you can simply call neighbor to come over and check on things.

what size storage heater do I need

Do Different Storage Heaters Size Differently?

Yes most definitely different storage heaters do not size the same. A 2000 Watt storage heater manufactured by one company may not be the physical size open 2000 water heater manufactured by another company.

Some older storage heaters are not as efficient is newer ones is they do not have the digital thermostats required to read the temperature so accurately. They also cannot determine what charge to take for the next day.

Check the physical sizing of the heaters before you make your purchase and look at the room you would like to install them in. Ecombi models have a sleeker design and only consume 7 and a half inches depth for wall space .

The width of the heater start to 21 inches wide and goes is right up to 43 inches.

Why Does My Storage Heater Smell?

In the fall when you first start your storage heater up you may smell a funny burning smell. This is due to dust lying on the element which will quickly burn off.

Some heaters actually have the elements sprayed with a film to keep them from corroding while sitting in stock at the factory.

This is nothing to be alarmed with as it is quite common. If you remember those old baseboard heaters may the open style front and the kids cram some toys in there it is the similar type of smell.

How Can I Use My Storage Heater Efficiently?

We always recommend leaving the heater in automatic mode. This automatic mode senses the room temperature every 30 seconds. It also can determine how much charge to take for the next day.

The intelligent technology inside the heater will not let you down . It does have a backup element in case something goes wrong with the storage unit are you have a quick temperature change or drop in the outside air temperature.

For more damp or open areas like a basement we recommend to leave the heater in storage only mode. This tells heater to take as much storage is it possibly can to reach is a coin every night. This also disabled to backup option.

Should I Be Concerned About Weight When Sizing My Storage Heater?

Weight of the storage heater definitely have to play into factor when sizing . Our largest heater where is 450 pounds. What’s the heater is in place it’s not like you can pick it up and throw it around.

Placing the heater I don’t know sidewall well I for more stability from your floor joist where it meets rim joist. Little larger ets heaters we recommend placing them over a load bearing wall. This comes into play when your man in the morning main floor with the basement.

For the basement you do not need to be concerned about weight .

what size storage heater do I need

So What Happens If The Heater Is Sized Wrong?

Sizing the storage heater wrong will simply not heat the space . The backup element will be coming on continuously to try to keep the room warm. This will cost you more money on your power bill because the backup element comes on during peak hours.

For more on sizing these heaters click here to go directly to the website .