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What Size Generator To Run 5 Ton Ac Unit

What Size Generator To Run 5 Ton Ac Unit

Thinking of making a purchase and asking what size generator to run 5 ton ac unit? It is larger than you think.

There are a number of size larger generators that will run a 5 ton ac unit however ac units of that size can draw up to 40 amps @ 220 volts. Combined with startup inrush current you would be looking at a generator which is capable of producing 40 to 60 amps of power production. This means you would need a generator in the 15kw to 18 kw size.

We will discuss the different sizes and types.

What size generator to run 5 ton ac unit?

A five ton heat pump at 240 volt or 220 Volt usually will draw or have a max current size overcurrent protection of 40 to 45 amps. Depending on the efficiency of the unit itself some models can be a size 50 amps. The running amperage for a 5 ton AC unit is usually around 30 A. This is a nominal amperage. Because of the size you will need a generator that will actually put out enough power not only to run the AC unit, but to provide the startup inrush current.

The inrush current can hit as much as 45 to 60 amps for a fraction of a second. A 60 amp generator is usually in the 18 to 20 kW size. Anything smaller than that you were simply not get enough energy from the generator to run the AC unit. This supplies for most central AC air-conditioning and heat pump systems for homes.

To avoid brownouts, we recommend purchasing a larger generator at least a 24 Kw or 24000 watt size so that you can utilize other power loads while you are using it. This is a practical decision as you would not run, just your ac unit.

What size generator to run 5 ton ac unit single phase?

A single phase AC unit is most likely a residential or like commercial unit. This is what we were talking about in the above statement. At a maximum of 45 to 50 amp for overcurrent protection you almost likely need a 60 amp generator. Having said this and 18 to 20 kW generator is a standard size however and are up to a 22 to 24 kW generator.

These generators, as single phase propane generators to supply enough power backup for your home. Generac makes a good solid propane product. Other products by other generators can be done or powered by natural gas. They can also be diesel generators.

Keep in mind these generators can be a bit costly by the time you have them installed.

What size generator to run 5 ton ac unit three phase?

Five ton three phase units will usually draw less amps to run because it is divided up over three lines instead of two. So usually the 45 amp current draw that is on a three phase generator at 208 volt would be much less. The maximum overcurrent protection on these is usually around 30 to 35 amp. This allows you to have a smaller size generator.

You will see these on higher commercial and projects. However the downsize to a three phase generator with a three phase output is much more costly than a single phase.

Actually about 20 to 30% more. They do not come in the standard propane versions like you see in residential dwelling.

Larger three phase generators usually come in propane or natural gas and can add up quite quickly and be quite costly. To the end user.

What Size Generator To Run 5 Ton Ac Unit

What size generator do I need to run my AC and refrigerator?

Depending on the size refrigerator that you wish to run and depending on the size AC unit you wish to run it can vary greatly. If you’re talking about a small refrigerator and a small AC unit. Than a 10 kW or 10,000 Watt generator single phase should be suffice.

Have the electrician install it for you and balance it so that the generator gives an equal output. You should also look at getting a 240 Volt or 220 Volt AC unit. This will cut back on the entrance required to be produced by the generator.

Remember different generators are different sizes and have different outfits. It’s important to do your research before making a purchase.

120 volt window ac units draw more power off one leg of the generator. This is why we mentioned to get a 240 volt model. It will ensure that both sides of the generator are drawing the same power.

Will a 15000 watt generator run a 5 ton AC unit?

There are some models of 5 ton heat pumps that will runoff of 15,000 Watt generator. However these are high and efficiency models with lower amp draws. The difference in price you would pay for one of these AC units you might as well soak into a bigger or larger generator 18 to 20 kw.

A 5 ton heat pump is actually 60,000 BTUs. At a basic 12 to 15 A (240 volt) for each 12,000 BTU or each ton this can add up up quite quickly. Depending on the voltage of the model this can vary as well.

Better off to speak to your electrician. Most larger homes that require central ac or central heating usually have a whole home generator installed. These permanently mounted generators are usually around the 30 kw or 30000 watts size.

They can be costly but the time they are all installed and hooked up to your home.

Can a 7500 watt generator run central air?

The answer to this question is no. A central air-conditioning unit would require a larger size generator like mentioned above. Don’t waste your time trying to get a small generator to run a large air conditioner. Window air conditioners are much smaller and can we run out of smaller generators. However central air or central heating requires much more power.

This puts you out of the portable size generators and put you into the permanent installed generators. If your generator is 5000 watts or less and you are trying to run a small window ac unit at a camp or in a small building. Then we recommend purchasing a small window 120 volt ac unit.

If you are trying to run a small ac unit for your home. Then we recommend purchasing a mini split or ductless heat pump and have someone hook it up for you. Keep in mind we would not even attempt this without a portable generator size of at least 10000 to 12000 watts. You can find more on ductless heat pumps here.

Can my generator run my central AC?

As mentioned above you will need a decent size generator to run a central AC unit. At least a 20 kW generator. A 24 kw is more preferred. The larger the generator the better. This will save you money and time in the long run.

How many watts does a home AC unit use?

Is a basic rule of time you can use 3500 W per ton of AC or air conditioning. It varies a little bit for the efficiency of the unit however each ton is equivalent to about that. A basic 1 ton air conditioning or window air conditioner will use around 3500 W at 2440 volts this means you will need a standard 15 or 20 amp 240 Volt circuit installed specifically for that AC unit. Remember a ton is 12,000 BTUs.

How many watts is a 1 ton AC?

One ton is 12,000 BTUs this equals around 3450 W. Depending on the voltage it’s also equals a 15 amp circuit. Most window air conditioners of this size of 1 ton are quite large. Most smaller window air conditioners are not completely a ton they usually half a ton or less maybe even 3/4 like a 9000 BTU.

This is why you can plug them into a regular wall outlet. However remember for larger size ton AC units you should always go with the 240 V model which allows you to have a smaller wire.

However it will require its own circuit. Of that 1 ton and a 3450 watts for each hour it runs you can time is it by your energy right in your local area and figure out what it is costing you. Air conditioning can be a large consumption of power so watch out how much it actually uses in the run of a day.

You can purchase a watt hour meter to plug into the wall before you plug the ac in. This will monitor the power consumption of the ac unit. The link is below.

How many watts does a 6 ton AC use?

6 ton AC unit would be 72,000 BTUs. This actually equals between 20 and 22,000 watts. I know this is hard to believe and it sounds like a lot because it’s almost 100 amp. 6 ton AC unit air conditioner would be used in a large commercial building.

This is not a standard small air conditioner that you were having a home as it would do at least 4000 ft.². Unless you have a larger home you will not need to worry about this and if you do you would most likely have a 400 amp service to supply in anyway. Remember 6 ton AC units can be quite costly and draw quite a bit of power.

Do I need surge protection on my generator?

Is an extremely good idea to have a search protector on a supply from a generator. The problem with generators is they can fluctuate in voltage. If they fluctuate in voltage or they lose their fuel. They can give voltage spikes.

These voltage spikes can fry sensitive electronics or even appliances in your home. It’s extremely important to have a surge protector. If you have a larger permanently install generator then we recommend having a search protector and your power panel from your generator.

If you have a smaller portable generator then can use a smaller plug and protector. You should still protector.

We hope that you like this article and we hope it helped you better understand how many watts and how many amps a 5 ton AC unit draws and also what size generator you should use for a 5 ton AC unit.

If you would like to see more on the products we recommend.