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Types Of Electric Heating

A Full Line of Heating Products

We provide top quality wall units for washrooms. The units come in fan version and convection models. Gfci protection is mandatory with these products. They have a nice design but do not sacrifice space. They are most commonly used for a quick heat during a shower to warm the room up.

types of electric heating

Stelpro has a sleek design in types of electric heating choices. They come in white or almond and vary in length depending on the application in which used.  The Most common style heater is the traditional baseboard with rounded edges. The heat from these units emanates  out the front of the unit. 

Introducing Ecombi Thermal Storage Heating Products

storage heaters canada

Ecombi thermal storage units have been around for a few years now. They come in multiple sizes depending on your heating requirements for the space while they add to the room design. If we had to describe them in a few words they work like little mini wood stoves.

If you are looking for a product that is energy efficient and can help you save money while heating your home then check out our new Electric Thermal Storage products on our ETS page. These units are very popular due to the energy savings and the off peak power rate you will receive from your power provider.

electric thermal storage

Digital and Programmable Wall Stats

There are a number of thermostat control products on the market but hands down Stelpro leads in that technology.

 They have a number of different models to choose from. The very popular model os the digital 7 day programmable thermostat. This product offers a number of money saving programs for wall mount  and in floor heaters.

Stelpro also has a basic traditional cost effective thermostat. It is most likely you have seen one of these units in someones home. 

If you would like to see more on the products we recommend.