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How To Wire Led Lights To A Switch

How To Wire Led Lights To A Switch

If you were wondering how to wire LED lights to a switch. This article will help you step by step with pictures and diagrams of the different methods of wiring.

How to wire led lights to a switch is relatively simple. Follow your local electrical codes and consult with your local electrician before wiring. Make sure you terminate the white wire through the switch box as per 2018 electrical code.

how to wire led lights to a switch

How To Wire Led Lights To A Switch

Wiring LED light fixtures to a switch is really quite simple. You will need to use a piece of nmd 90 lumex wire. The wire will terminate from your power panel. It will then run into your wall mounted electrical box.

This box is where the switch will be located. The box should be securely fastened into the wall. You will simply bring your piece of 14/2 lumex wire into the box. You will need to leave about 8 inches of wire to work with. Then take another piece of wire and run to the LED pot light.

Inside of the switch box you’re bare wires will go under the terminals on the back of the box. This is called your ground wire. The white wire will then get directly why are nutted through. Black wires will simply get connected to the terminals on the switch.

This will break the power to the light and turn it off and on. Make sure to use a proper connector when hooking the wire into the pot light junction box.

Inside the pot light junction box you will see a white wire a ground wire and a black wire. You will simply match color for color. The diagram shows above how to do the wiring.

how to wire led lights to a switch

Can You Wire Led Strip Lights To A Switch?

Most LED strip lights have a plug in wall transformer. Combined with the control box this makes LED strip lighting easy to install. You simply plugs the wall transformer into an outlet then hook into the control box.

The control box is the actual receiver for the remote that comes with the LED light kit. The wall remote where control the lights to come on and off. This makes for easy installation.

The LED strip itself usually has double sided tape for ease of installation. This makes it so you can install them on any dry clean surface. Common applications for LED strip lighting are under the bar lights. They can also be used for under counter lighting.

If you would like to control the LED strip lighting from a permanently mounted wall switch then just follow the diagram above. Instead of hard wiring a light you hard wire a plug. Make sure that you preset the desired light settings honey LED light. When you control them with a wall switch they should pick up on the previous settings.

Do I Need A Special Switch For Led Lights?

Generally you do not need a special switch to install LED lighting. A common single pole or 3 way 15 amp switch will do the trick. Having said that be very careful if you are permanently installing an LED light and you plan to use a dimmer.

The dimmer must be rated to control LED lighting. Mostly all commonly sold on the market today are rated for conventional light fixtures as well as LED light fixtures.

If you install a dimmer that is not rated for LED lighting then it will cause you’re LED lights to flicker.

How To Connect Multiple Led Lights To A Switch

Connecting multiple LED light fixtures to a single switch is the exact same method as connecting a single light fixture to a switch.

You can connect a string of LED light fixtures up to rating of 1500 Watts on a circuit . At usually 7 to 10 watts a piece this results in quite a few light fixtures.

We wire the light fixtures in what is called the parallel method. Some people also refer to this method as daisy chaining. You would run from one light fixture to the next connecting all the whites and all the blacks.

how to wire led lights to a switch

Are The Wires Different For Under Counter Lights?

If you are wiring regular led light fixtures then you should be using an nmd type or lumex cable rated for 90 degrees. This type of wire is used in standard home wiring applications. It has been used for across industry for many years.

If your are using a low voltage type LED strip fixture then most likely the fixtures will come with their own wiring. This type of wiring heads 5 volts or less imposes a very little shock hazard.

Do The Led Lights Need To Terminate In A Box?

Can you should always try to use a box when making a termination with wiring . It is actually mandatory that all line voltage or 120 Volt lighting have some form of a junction box.

Having said that the low voltage type under counter strip lighting which only contains 5 Volt can be simply why wire nutted together. The transformer supplied with the kit will have an inline fuse.

How Many Led Lights Can I Run Off One Switch?

You can wire many many LED light fixtures to one light switch. Check the wattage on the LED fixtures an add them up until you accumulate 1500 Watts of power.

Some LED dimmer styles early rated for 600 to 800 Watts of led power. Keep that in mind when you’re adding up your light fixtures.

how to wire led lights to a switch

How Do I Wire 3 Ways To Led Lights?

To wire I set of LED light fixtures To a set of 3 ways or sometimes referred to as 2 ways you will need to have power to the switch first. This will require a piece of 14/2 nmd 90 wire from the panel box to the first switch.

Between the 2 switches you will run a piece of 14/3 nmd 90 wire. From the last switch box you will need to run another piece of 14/2 nmd wire to the LED light fixture box.

After hooking up all of your bare ground wires to the back of the switch boxes. You will then wire nut the white wire straight through both switch boxes and who can onto the LED light fixture. This ensures a permanent neutral connection to light fixture. This also leaves in neutral connection in each which box in case you want to install a smart switch.

OK listen up this is the important part . The black wire on the piece of 14/2 from the panel to the first switch box get terminated onto the black common screw up the first 3 way switch like in the diagram.

Moving to the second switch box you will terminate the black wire onto the common of the second 3 way switch that goes to the LED light fixture.

Between the two switches you will then have 2 wires left. These are called travellers. They will terminate onto each one of the copper screws on each set of 3 ways. Refer to the diagram as shown.

Do Led Lights Need A Smaller Fuse?

The main circuit for the LED light fixtures are protected by 15 amp fuse or a 15 amp breaker. This is adequate for protecting the circuit. In some cases some LED lighting kits what come with an additional inline fuse.

This in line fuse is to protect the LED lighting circuit only. In most cases is in line fuses are built right into the transformer supplying the LED light for example under counter light.


How Do I Dim The Led Lights?

Some LED light kit will come with a dimmer function right on the remote control that is supplied with the kit. Other LED light will have to be dimed with a wall switch.

There are a variety of led dimmers available on the market today. We always recommend to buy the style of lighting in which you wish to install before you purchase a dimmer. Check the wattage of the light fixtures that you were planning to install. Then make sure the dimmer matches up.

Where Can I Buy Led Lights?

You can purchase an LED dimmer at any local big box store. They are very common these days. If you would like to see more selection of what is available 4 LED products. Click here.

how to wire led lights to a switch

Do Led Lights Get Hot?

Believe it or not LED light fixtures can get hot. Especially in a confined space. It is always a good idea to make sure that the light fixture is rated for the application that you are trying to install it in.

Some examples of a LED light getting hot would be when it is installed inside of a closed light fixture with a shade. This is particular to the rounded style closed in light fixture that you see at your local hardware store.

How Long Do Led Lights Last?

LED light fixtures and LED light bulbs are supposed to last for up to 25 years . Having said that a lot of the fixtures with built in LED bulbs don’t last that long.

The old saying is that you get what you pay for so when you buy discounted LED bulbs they are most likely not going last. Taking a little more money for an LED bulb will help the life span and save you on maintenance.

Connections To Your Electrical Breaker Panel

When connecting you’re lighting circuit into your electrical panel you will need to shut the power off so you do not connect electric shock. First you will need to connect your piece of 14/2 wire into the electrical panel with a proper connector.

Inside the electrical panel you will need to connect the wires according to colors. The bare ground copper wire will go under the terminal with all of the other grounds.

The white wire will hook under the neutral bus with all of the other white wires. You should have the black wire left which it the hot wire. This wire connects under the breaker.

The breaker you install snaps into place and should be rated at 15 amps for regular residential use. These are all things that must be completed when you are planning on how to wire led lights to a switch.

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