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How To Upgrade My Electrical Panel 200 Amps

How To Upgrade My Electrical Panel 200 Amps

Are your wondering how to upgrade my electrical panel 200 amps? Let our years of experience guide you through the set up process.

To upgrade an electrical panel to 200 amps you will need to call your local qualified electrician. You can not do this yourself. The electrician will need to get the local power company involved to do the necessary inspections, disconnecting and reconnecting so that the panel can be changed.

how to upgrade my electrical panel 200 amps

How To Upgrade My Electrical Panel 200 Amps

To upgrade your panel to 200 amps you will need to contact your qualified local electrician.

They will give you a price to come in and replace the panel and upgraded to 200 amp.

If you have an existing 200 amp fuse panel and it is just a simple process of having a change out done.

The electrician will have the power utility inspection come in, usually pull the meter so that they can change the panel from fuse to breakers.

This process should cost less than $2000.

If you’re looking at getting the amperage increased from 60 or 100 to 200. Then you are in a completely different situation.

This will involve quite a bit more as a whole entire electrical service will need to be done.

How To Upgrade My Electrical Panel 200 Amps With Service

To do a 200 amp panel upgrade with a service will require a power shut down.

This power shut down will be done by your local power utility. Your electrician can install a new service outside of the house and install the new panel.

This process usually takes about a day to have the power shut down and then reconnected.

Speak to your electrician about the exact details on the scheduling of this project.

This usually results in a disconnect by the power utility in the morning and the electrician will do their work.

Usually resulting in electrical inspection mid day and then the power to utility will return to hook the power back up once the project is complete.

You should be aware of the other code upgrades that are required to be done in the house. By the inspection authority in order to have the service upgraded. You can see more on our other articles.

How To Upgrade My Electrical Panel 200 Amps Underground Service

All of the same process will apply to upgrade your panel 200 amp service.

The one key difference is the underground service portion should be done first.

This can take a little more time and you should have the trench done and the underground cables in place before you check on the rest of the project.

The electrician should have the wiring done of the home and the meter mounted on the side of the house. The trench inspection and backfilled before they continue on with the panel inside.

What this will do is minimize shut down time so that you are not without power for an expectancy for your time.

Do the service entrance first and then do the panel last so that inspection authority and the local power utility and hook it up all at once.

Can You Change A 100 Amp Panel To 200 Amp?

You cannot change a 100 amp panel to a 200 amp panel without upgrading the power service coming into the dwelling.

The reason for this is a 200 amp service is much larger in wire size and price than 100 amps.

If you try to change out the panel from 100 to 200 then essentially you still only have 100 amps coming in from the road.

This is why it’s important to have this all done at once and upgrade the service along with the project.

How Much Does It Cost To Upgrade?

Generally to do a service panel upgrade from 60 or 100 to 200 amp cost as little as $3500 Cad right up to $7000 Cad.

This is due to the amount of extra code work that needs to be done in the dwelling. To bring the property up to code to qualify to increase the average of the electrical service.

Inspection authority will check for these code upgrades to be done before they will hook up the new service.

You can read more on code upgrades and her other articles. There is an excessive amount of work that may need to be done with her for a long the project and make a cost higher.

how to upgrade my electrical panel 200 amps

How Many Amps Can You Put On A 200 Amp Panel?

For residential dwelling you can run right up to 100% of the capacity of the main side of the main breaker.

So as example if you have a 200 amp main breaker then you can do circuit load up to 200 amps.

Keep in mind this is not individual breaker sizes this is done on the house load calculation and what the house load calculates out to.

You can see more on load calculations and her other articles.

There are different rules for commercial. You are only allowed to take the load of the commercial applications to 80 percent of the main breaker size.

So for example a 200 amp main breaker size in a commercial setting would be 160 amps.

This is due to commercial properties, like office buildings, store fronts etc. using more power at once during a normal workday.

Because of this do you have to cut it back to 80 percent and not overload the main breaker or the breaker tripping during business hours.

This would cause nuisance tripping if you took if you took it past it’s capacity and that’s why this rule is in place for commercial only.

What Is A 200 Amp Upgrade?

A 200 amp upgrade is when you upgrade from a lower amperage main service to a higher amperage main service.

For example if you have a 60 amp main switch in your house. A 100 amp main switch in your house and you would like to go up to 200 amp, this would be an upgrade.

Do not mistake this for a fuse to breakers as an upgrade.

This is actually increasing the electrical capacity coming into the home from the street.

That will also results in the lines usually being upgraded coming in from the power utility.

This allows you to run larger loads in the home. For example a larger hot tub.

A larger heating system. Or heated swimming pool.

You can even add a garage as you have more power.

How Long Will I Be Without Power?

If the electrician that you are using plans at the project correctly.

You should not be without power any more than 8 to 12 hours on the day of the service upgrade change.

They will most likely come in and do the smaller code upgrades within the home first leaving the power on.

The last day of the job is the day the electrician will change out the panel on the electrical service.

During this time the power will be shut off and disconnected by the power utility allowing the electrician to do the work to do the power upgrade.

Sometimes it’s going be a long day for us as we usually disconnect in the morning. Sometimes the line crew require utility is in the evening until they get back to hook it up.

We usually have to stay on the job site until the job is completed. Then the power is turned back on so that we can test everything to make sure it works properly.

There’s nothing worse than leaving a job prematurely and then getting a call the next morning. From a customer that has no hot water and come to find out we didn’t hook up the breaker.

What Is Involved In Upgrading A 200 Amp Service

The whole process of upgrading to 200 amp can take anywhere from three weeks to a month.

This starts with the power utility coming out to look at upgrading the lines. Then booking in the inspections in the line trucks to come and disconnect and reconnect power.

Electrician will most likely come in before hand to do the code upgrades for in a home in order to install the 200 amp service.

On the last day the electrician will usually do the service upgrade bringing job to a close.

The electrician will handle all the ins and outs of the project for you. Usually all you have to do is pay the electrician direct and describe to him what you want.

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