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How To Reduce Your Power Bill

How To Reduce Your Power Bill

If you are wondering how to reduce your power bill then you came to the right article. Let our years of experience as electricians help you out. Together with our knowledge we knows what works and what does not.

The two largest consumers of power consumption in a residential home are your heating system and domestic hot water. We will take you through the steps to ensure maximum efficiency and show you how to reduce your power bill.

25 Tips On How To Reduce Your Power Bill

  1. How to reduce your power bill with heating
  2. Maximize domestic hot water usage
  3. Take advantage of free rebate programs
  4. Use energy efficient appliances
  5. How to reduce your power bill with led bulbs
  6. Sealing up doors and windows
  7. Applying for an off peak time of use meter
  8. Use of timers for saving money
  9. Have an energy assessment done
  10. Using watt meters
  11. Logging your power meter usage times
  12. Use of programmable thermostats
  13. Install a hot water tank blanket
  14. Use of alternative energy
  15. Educating your kids on power usage
  16. Laundry washing tips and tricks
  17. Drying your clothes
  18. Water usage in the home
  19. Lighting tips to save power
  20. Washing dishes tips
  21. Microwave or oven?
  22. Insulation tips for the home
  23. Installing smart home devices
  24. Cooling tips to minimize ac usage
  25. Checking your electrical system

1.How to reduce your power bill with heating

how to reduce your power bill

There are many ways to reduce your power bill with heating. Choosing your heating source is one of the most important power saving items in your home.

Traditional power usage when using electric baseboard heaters can be quite costly to run . Using an air source heat pump maybe the way to go. Their efficiency are very high in the heat exchange. Most newer homes have air source heat pumps. There are also ground source heat pumps are referred to geothermal.

In our experience over the years we have found that in floor radiant heat mass is the best way to go. Once its mass is heated up the discharge time for the heat dissipate is much longer.

We are finding that the most common method to heat home these days is the main source backup heat like electric. Then one or more air source heat pumps. We call these mini split heat pumps. Usually one on the main level and one in the basement with sufficiently heat the home.

2. How to reduce your power bill and maximize domestic hot water usage

Domestic hot water usage is the second largest consumer on your power bill . Next to heat it can drop quite a bit of power. If looking to save money on your power bill the best thing to do is getting efficient electric hot water tank. New hot water tanks come with a larger amount of installation.

This helps with storage time and the amount of times at the elements need to turn on and off to keep the tank warm. If you do not have one of these tanks then you can simply purchase a tank blanket at your local hardware store. For more recommendations on a tank blanket-

Combined with the tank blanket you can also turn your elements down. The elements come stock at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This is actually scalding. You can turn them down to 125 degrees and still have plenty of hot water. In addition you can also add a hot water tank timer.

If you were on a time of use program or off peak power program then you can time your hot water tank to come on and take storage during these times.

3. Take advantage of free rebate programs,How To Reduce Your Power Bill

The next step on how to save money on your power bill is to take advantage of free rebate programs. Each province, state or country usually have free rebate programs to help you increase the efficiency of your home.

If you are doing renovations anyway then it would be to your advantage to look into one of these programs. The programs provide free insulation upgrades, windows and much more.

You can book a home energy audit for your home. Click Here

It is best to get home energy assessment in an air test to see what you actually need. Sometimes these home energy assessments can cost upwards of $100 but they are well worth it.

4. Use energy efficient appliances,How To Reduce Your Power Bill

A lot of times your local municipality will give you a small rebate for your old appliances. Fridges are the biggest power consumers of your appliances. When they become old they become less efficient.

Dishwashers , stoves, ovens and microwaves are among other appliances that should be replaced. When technology improves so do appliances.

It is always a good idea to look for the Energy Star rating on the appliance itself. Another item that can be a power consumer is it dryer. Newer dryers will dry load of clothes in as little as 35 minutes. Older dryers in take much longer consuming more on your power bill.

5. How to reduce your power bill with LED bulbs

Changing her light bulbs over to LED style is one of the most common things you can do to reduce your power bill. A basic 60 Watt light bulb is now replaced by a 7 Watt LED.

If you have a number of light bulbs in one fixture this can be very beneficial. There are a variety of different types of LED bulbs on the market today to match up to your old light fixtures.

If you were going to replace the bulbs it is good idea to buy quality LED bulbs. Find a cheap dollar one will not last. Just watch for sales in your local hardware store and check the life expectancy hours on the bulb before you make the purchase.

As electrician we do not recommend buying a light that has the LED built right into the fixture. Unfortunately when the light stops working you need to replace the whole fixture. If you choose to buy a light fixture this way and please make sure that it is a good quality.

6. Sealing Up Doors and Windows

Making sure that doors and windows are properly sealed is a great idea to help save on your heating bill. Drafty areas in your home can cause issues and falsely cause thermostats to turn on when they really don’t need to work.

Sometimes a new piece of weather stripping on the bottom of the door will do the trick. Other times you can get new weather stripping to go right around the door.

Check to make sure all of your windows are securely closed and latched for the winter months. You would be surprised at how much of a draft can come through window if one of the latches aren’t latched all the way.

7. Applying for an off peak time of use meter

how to reduce your power bill

Many local power utilities have the option to apply for an off peak time of use meter. You can check with your local power utility to see if this option is available.

They usually have minimum requirements of programmable thermostats and some form of in floor radiant floor mass heat.

They will physically come out and change your meter to a different style of digital meter . This is not to be confused with the smart meter. The time of use meter records your usage enter time peroids.

What we refer to as the off peak is usually the time. from 11 PM till 7 AM through the night. This is usually offered to you at a reduced rate. It is also the time in which you will want to burn your power.

Dish washing, laundry, heating, hot water, you get the idea all of the big power consumers.

8.Use of timers for saving money

how to reduce your power bill

You can also purchase cheap wall timers to control and automate your devices. You can plug these timers into things like lamps, TV’s, fish tanks or anything else you can think of.

They also make wall timer switches which you would need electrician to install however you can then control lighting, outside plugs etc.

9. Have an energy assessment done

Having a home energy assessment done is fairly easy to help you save money on your power bill. You can contact your local municipality office to find out who to call to come have a look.

Sometimes there is a small fee for them to come out and do the assessment however it is well worth it. They usually start with a vacuum seal test on your home. This checks for any air leakage gap to find out where you were losing your heating.

They will often offer a home assessment plan that may be subsidized by your local government. They will do things like new insulation in the attic. New windows and doors. Even help upgrade the heating system itself

10.Using watt meters

Hey what our meter is it device think it’s plugged into a wall outlet before you plug your lamp in. It has a digital display that will monitor how much power is being used from the device that is plugged into it.

These can be very useful to find out how much power something is actually burning. They can also be used on larger appliances like fridges, freezers and microwaves.

You could have a data log over a period of time to show you if the appliances becoming less efficient. To find out more about what meters click here to go to are recommended product’s page.

11. Logging your power meter usage times

If you have a time use meter then it is a good idea to make note of your power usage times. On your digital meter you have a few different rates.

On the power meter itself you will see it displays the time. It also displays the kilowatt hours used in each time rate. It will usually flash A with the kilowatt hours displayed for that time. Be with a kilowatt hours displayed for that timeout hour period.

Each section will let you know how many kilowatt hours you have used in total. This way if you were using too much during the peak hours you can rearrange your lifestyle to get more to the off peak period.

12. Use of programmable Thermostats

how to reduce your power bill

Another way how to save money on your power bill is by the use of programmable thermostats. This is a common method used in most households today.

The programmable thermostat can be used for anything from electric baseboard heaters to an oil furnace.

It’s a good idea to check the wiring before you purchase the new thermostat. Simply take it carefully off the wall and count how many wires you have.

If you have a central seat heating system then you most likely have a low voltage thermostat. Nest offers a really great thermostat that is completely programmable for more on this product …

13. Install a hot water tank blanket

Having a hot water blank tank installed or installing it yourself is relatively easy . Make sure when you purchase the hot water tank blanket did you get the largest rated R value you can find.

Most of these can be found in your local hardware store . Make sure to tightly wrap the hot water tank blanket around the hot water tank. You may likely need some duct tape to secure it so it stays in place. We have found in the past that the tape that comes with the tank blanket doesn’t stick long.

14. Use of alternative energy

The use of alternative energy is quite common nowadays. Most governments offer some type of rebate program to offset the cost of purchasing solar panels.

Solar panels are the most common form of alternative energy. This is due to little maintenance and long life span. In the past 10 years since solar panels have been mass produced the price has dropped substantially.

The most efficient and effective method of installing solar panels is this all directly back to your power utility. This method is called grid tie and will offset your power bill directly. For more information on alternative energy click here to go to are alternative energy page.

15. Educating your kids on power usage

Educating your children on using too much power is like talking to a wall and it is one of the most difficult jobs that you will have to do. You simply can’t watch them 24/7.

You’re always gonna have an issue to get them off their devices however they don’t consume that much electricity anyway. The biggest battle you will have them is to get them to shut off light switches behind them.

Another big issue that we find with kids these days at least I know with my kids I can’t get them to shut the TV off when they leave the room. Or they happen to leave on a computer. These devices left on for periods of time can consume quite a bit of power.

16. Laundry washing tips and tricks

If you’re not on a time of use meter then simply wash in cold water. That’s quite a common trick that everybody knows. Use the wash line. Each load of clothes that you dry in the dryer can cost you upwards of 75 cents. It doesn’t sound like much but it can add up very quickly.

If you have it I’m use meter and you are on the off peak rate the best time to wash your clothes is at night or on the weekends. I usually start the washer on a cold cycle around 8 PM and then throw them in the dryer just before I go to bed at 11 pm.

One important thing to remember if you’re gonna do this method is to keep your lint trap in your dryer vent very clean. You wouldn’t wanna have a fire while your sleeping.

17. Drying your clothes

If you use your dryer then most newer dryers have an economy cycle. They will use less heat which will cause use less electricity. It’s not the drum rolling around that causes all the electricity usage is the heating elements.

If you use your wash line then it is best to hang your clothes out first thing in the morning. This may cause you to get up a little earlier. Hang in the moat when you get home from work is not a good idea.

18. Water usage in the home

Water usage in the home can be another large consumer on your power bill if your water pump continuously keeps running. When you brush your teeth shut the water off while you’re brushing.

Wash your dishes by hand if you don’t have the convenience of the dishwasher . Reduce your shower times and use a low flow shower head. Try to reduce toilet flushing or better yet next time you have your toilet repaired or do renovation and it is a good idea to have a low flow toilet installed.

19. Lighting tips to save power

Some helpful letting tips the help you save money on your power bill just it obviously turn the lights off when you’re not using them. You can use task lighting instead of general lighting to reduce on the wattage consumption.

You can also make use of natural light as much as possible . Install occupancy sensors or even timers on light fixtures that you use on a regular basis. For example my kids always leave the bathroom light on.

To remedy this I simply installed an occupancy sensor so when they walk into the room to light turns on and then minutes after shuts off. This may be going a bit overboard however click here to go to products page.

20. Washing dishes tips

how to reduce your power bill

If your washing dishes by hand then it is a good idea to fill the sink and let them soak in Luke warm water. This will make it easier for rinsing and consume water.

If you’re using a dishwasher then simply turn off the heat dry cycle. The dishes were dry fine on their own if you leave them in the dishwasher overnight.

Since I’m on and off peak power meter, I take advantage of it by using my dishwasher at night. You can simply start it before you go to bed. If you wanna get really fancy you can install a timer and then have the dishwasher set to go.

21. Microwave or oven?

Using in the microwave is far more efficient than using your oven . Some people don’t like microwave food however will save you a lot of money.

As an alternative you can use that small toaster oven. You can even use a small slow cooker to prepare your food and leave it on low while your at work.

22. Insulation tips for the home

Some insulation tips for the home would obviously be to check the insulation level in your attic. R-40 value is standard however R-60 is much better as heat rises you wanna keep that heat in.

Check all of your weather stripping’s and your door insulation. There are many efficiency companies that will come in and blow insulation do your home. They can even blow it into existing walls by drilling holes in the exterior.

If you happen to be doing a renovation to a room don’t take any shortcuts make sure you put the proper vapor barrier install the correct insulation values.

23. Installing smart home devices

Installing smart home devices to control your home can get very expensive and cause your Wi-Fi to slow down quite a bit. I know this because I’ve tried it.

Even installing a second hub and linking all the Wi-Fi devices to it still causes the main Wi-Fi to slow down. A solution to this ravida choose the most power consuming devices in the home an install smart home devices on those.

Above I mentioned the hardest thing you will have to do is to teach your kids about saving power. One of my pet peeves is them leaving TV’s on. I simply purchased the plug in Wi-Fi enabled smart switches. I plug these all into the TV’s and I time them to shut off at 11 PM.

If it’s past their bedtime and they leave the TV on 11 o’clock at automatically shuts off so tough love.

24. Cooling tips to minimize AC usage

The first cooling tip that we should talk about is those light levels although it’s great for natural light on hot days the room can eat up quite quickly.

If you know it’s gonna be a hot day outside then draw the drapes or blind shot first thing in the morning. When you get home from work in the late afternoon you’ll notice that it’s substantially cooler.

You only need to draw the drapes on the most South side of the house. If you have a basement entrance then it is a good idea to use the basement entrance door this will minimize main doors opening up stairs and landing in the warm air.

I also run my air conditioner from 5 AM to7:30 AM. Are use the wall timer riding with the air conditioning unit to get it to turn on during these times. This helps give a quick shot of cold do the house before I go to work. I also time the AC unit come back on at 4 PM so cool down for couple hours in the afternoon.

25. Checking your electrical system

Believe it or not if you have troubles or problems with your electrical system this can cause your power bill to be higher. If you have some sort of leak to ground or a faulty appliance or device this will cause the meter to record kilowatt hours that you were not necessarily using.

You can start by shutting your main breaker off to your house wait 15 minutes Gordon see if your power meters still recording. You can take the recording as soon as you shut the power off and then again 15 minutes later. This will let you know if the power meter is faulty at all. If it is you should get on the phone with your local power utility ASAP.

You can also do it by shutting off each individual breaker 1 at a time. You need a notebook and pen for this process. As you will need to record the kilowatt hours before and after each time you shut something off. If there’s nothing connected to that circuit and you were 100% certain then you may have a ground leak.

You should always check with your local electrician for doing any of this type of work and they will be able to confirm it for you .


When it comes to how to reduce your power bill many of these methods combined will work and help you out. You can use as little or as much as you like.

For an in depth complete guide to energy savings