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How Many Led Lights Can Be On A Dimmer Switch

How Many Led Lights Can Be On A Dimmer Switch

Are you purchasing some new lights and wondering how many led lights can be on a dimmer switch ?Read on and we can answer that question for you!

How Many Led Lights Can Be On A Dimmer Switch?

In General A Lot! An led dimmer switch has a standard rating of 600 watts. If you install 7 watt led bulbs or equivalent in your light fixtures this works out to 85 light bulbs. Although you would never have all of these lights on the same switch. It is good to know that you do not really have to worry about light count. Another good reason to use led.

How Many Led Lights Can Be On A Dimmer Switch?

Indoor Led Lights – Led bulb size dimmable switch allows up to 15 watts or less.

Outdoor Led Lights – Led bulb size dimmable switch allows up to 30 watts or less.

Intermediate Led Lights – Led bulb size dimmable switch allows 15-30 watts.

Full-Blown Led Lights – Led bulb size dimmable switch allows any wattage above 30 watts.

How much do you need to spend to buy led lights?

Led dimmer costs can vary. It depends on what kind of dimmer you want and what your budget is.

Some led dimmer are a little more expensive.

For instance, they start around 25 dollars and range right up into the hundreds. These higher end dimmer switches will have more functions but more dimmer wall switches are limited to 600 watts of led load.

You can purchase larger dimmers 1000 watt actually however these would be used for more commercial type applications.

Why Use Led Lights And Bulbs?

Led bulbs are easy to install and if you are just replacing a dimmer switch that doesn’t have the top half of it plugged in, it may be a good idea to install the LED led light option to keep the switch working even when the switch is broken or unplugged.

If you are really unsure about a switch and unsure about how many lights the switch can support in the ideal scenario, the same 6W led options can be bought without the LED.

If you are unsure about the brightness level of the LED lights, you can also turn the bulb to low, low, low and see the light level in the bulb.

Don’t switch it off as you can damage the bulb. If you are using the same standard light bulbs in the 6W led lights, you may want to avoid the light from the LED lights being emitted into the bulb.

Can I Overload An Led Dimmer Switch?

No, a dimmer switch has been designed to handle up to 1000 watts under special circumstances. Does my led dimmer switch have a gauge on it?

You can not see the light on the dimmer switch with a naked eye so there is no gauge on the switch.

This allows the LEDs to be controlled as close to the ideal conditions as possible.

All these numbers being different, but the ideal conditions are for the bulbs to be evenly lit. Another reason to get light meters to verify the exact amount of light on the bulbs.

How do you know the right amount of light? A study was done by Prometheus Labs who have developed a light scale and also a meter for LED light bulbs.

The meter measures the intensity of the light. As with most meters, the brightest area is at the bottom and the dimmest area is at the top of the meter.

Does The Type Of Led Lights Matter?

Are you looking to use pink or blue led lights in your lighting?

If yes, then this might not be the best choice. The light sensitivity of these two colours can make the overall lighting feel a little soft.

White or yellow led lights will give a much softer lighting which will help your lighting look way more natural.

However, yellow light is also an excellent choice in dimmer switches.

There are also different modes to be found in led light dimmer switches such as samedyne mode or strobe mode. Samedyne mode is a great addition to your lighting fixture when you are trying to reduce the lighting through shades or through outdoor spaces.

You also don’t want to be paying for all those led lights that you will not need on a day-to-day basis.

Can I Have Two Dimmers On One Light?

You can, yes dimmers can communicate with one another. Especially smart switch dimmers. The electronics can communicate over a wifi signal.

In fact most smart dimmers have dimming control built right into the app used to turn them on and off.

You can actually set the dimming sensitivity right into the program. Don’t think you can do this with your old rotary wall dimmer though. It will simple just not work.

You can find out more on our smart dimmers here…..

Do Led Dimmer Switches Come In 1000 Watt?

Yes. Led dimmer switches come in 1000 watts. This is the amount of watts of power that these types of switches actually use.

These switches can use 6 amps or 1000 watts of energy.

It is a very good thing to know that these lights are a lot more energy efficient.

You can have light fixtures that have both led light bulbs and led fixtures installed in them.

This doesn’t cost you more because the energy efficient bulbs cost a little more but you are not paying more for the light bulbs as well.

Another good thing to know is that the same fixtures you would put into a house or building that is a lower end construction could also be installed in a better construction home with a higher end finish.

Do Smart Switches Come In Led?

There are some simple things you can do to illuminate your house with led light.

They are certainly not the “most efficient” but they will still give you great light output.

LED flood light replacement kits , LED fixtures .

Some lighting fixtures have a higher wattage rating than the light being used. It is great to have something in your home that you can change quickly when your like light intensity.

Some light fixtures will have it listed under the hood. This won’t affect the lumens but it does have a different design and feel.

You can still put these up in flood light fixtures but they will change your overall look. , LED fixtures This is a free feature to some lighting fixtures.