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How Long Do Storage Heaters Last

How Long Do Storage Heaters Last

Wondering how long do storage heaters last? Well you came to the right place keep reading on.

On average storage heaters last depending on the environment in which they are installed. Generally they will last about 25 years with proper conditions and maintenance. This is assuming the are installed in a dry environment that is not subject to moisture.

How Long Do Storage Heaters Last In Damp Locations?

Storage heaters are greatly effected by the environment in which they are installed in. Under normal conditions installed in the main part of your house they will be fine for a number of years. They are enclosed in a large metal cabinet so the problems should be minimum.

In higher traffic areas they can be subject to more mechanical damage like children beating on them, pets and just general wear.

A very good Idea is to vacuum out and around the back of the unit to keep the dust level down. This ensures the sensors on the unit are fully operational.

In damper areas like basements, its a good idea to check on the heaters once and a while. Have a look inside with a flash light to see if there are any signs of rust forming on the back up element.

What Can I Do To Make My Storage Heaters Last Longer?

Do your regular maintenance. Have your installer come in once a year. He or she will remove the from cover on the heater, vacuum it out and check all the connections to make sure they are tight.

Use the heaters for what they are designed to do, HEAT. Keeping a heater off in a damper location like a basement or porch will only give the heater a chance to build up rust and corrosion.

Keep things clear of the heater. Don’t put furniture in front of them. Don’t lay things on top of them to dry. It will trip the sensors that tell the heater something is obstructing the heat from being released.

We often get service calls to find out one of the internal sensors was tripped. The customer usually comes honest and tells you they had towels or wet gloves on top of them drying. This will only shorten the lifespan of the heater as moisture drips down into the unit.

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What Kind Of Maintenance Needs To Be Done?

As mentioned above do your yearly maintenance. If you don’t want to pay for someone to do it then carefully do it yourself. Some of the models are quite simple.

Refer to your owners manually to see if it is safe to remove the front cover to clean without any shock hazard. Don’t risk getting shocked, consult with the company who installed the product.

Will The Life Of The Storage Heater Be Shortened By Not Using Them?

The life of the heater does relate to the usage. If the heater is not turned on for a while, chances are there will be problems when you try to turn it on.

The battery in the internal clock will eventually go dead. The wire connections at the bottom of the heater may corrode.

Often a property will set empty for a while with the power off. This usually happens when people are away and the home is not being checked. it also can happen when the property is being sold.

We do get service calls from clients stating that they just purchased a house and the heaters are not working.

Will The Settings Effect The Life Of The Heater?

In short no the setting will not have anything to do with the lifespan of the heaters. They have internal safety’s in place to take care of this. They are run and tested for these conditions in the factory before being released for sale.

One thing we will mention though. If you run the heater in regular heat mode with the back up element and never used the storage bricks, you may see problems with the heater down the road.

The back up element is a small heating resistor at the front of the heater designed to give a quick heat. If this is always used and the main brick compartment doesn’t get a chance to do it’s job then you could have issues with the bricks.

The bricks are made of ceramic ad can become brittle over time. If the bricks develop cracks and the heat isn’t released as it suppose to. it can tell the circuit board there is a problem and shut the heater down.

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Do I Need Service Performed By The Company Who Installed The Heater

Check your owners manual, warranty papers and contract with the company that installed the heater.

Sometimes it’s ok to use a different company and not effect your warranty on the heaters.

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