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Hot Tub Wire Size 50 Amp

Hot Tub Wire Size 50 Amp

In need of wiring a new hot tub and wondering the hot tub wire size 50 amp? There are codes for the sizes.

As a general rule a 50 amp hot tube requires a #6 AWG copper wire size. This is a requirement of the CEC and The NEC however in some cases #8 cooper only is permitted to be used up to 50 amps. Most hot tubs require a copper connection due to warranty purposes.

There are some examples where you can use aluminum to save money. Let’s talk more about it.

Hot Tub Wire Size 50 Amp Chart

hot tub sizevoltageamps breaker sizewire size
4 to 5 person1201515 12 gauge
5 to 6 person2403030 10 gauge
6 to 12 person24050506 gauge

Hot Tub Wire Size 50 Amp Copper Only

OK as per new Canadian electrical code and national electrical code number 8 AWG copper is rated at 50 amps. Traditionally this is only been rated at 40 amp. However in a case where you are using this for a continuous resistive load you were allowed to rate it at 50 amps.

Having said that a hot tub is a mixture of a resistive heating load and a motor load so we do not recommend using number eight copper to wire a large hot tub. You should always use number six. Number six is ready for 60 amp or more as per the electrical code. Number six is a safe size conductor do use to wire hot tub. This is also known as a 6/3 either tech cable or Romex depending on the type of installation.

Hot Tub Wire Size 50 Amp Aluminum Wire

Number 6 AWG aluminum wire can be used to wire a hot tub. Number six aluminum wire is rated for 55 A. So providing that it is used or on a breaker with overcurrent protection and 50 amps you can. There is one stipulation though.

Using an aluminum conductor to where your hot tub may void your warranty. You should check your manufacturer specifications on the hot tub to ensure that it doesn’t request copper only. However there is a way around this.

You can run number six aluminum from your panel source to your hot tub spa buddy. A hot tub spa body is known as a small panel that is mounted on the exterior of your house. The spa buddy usually has a GFCI protection in it. From that spa buddy you can then run a piece of copper number six to the hot tub connections self.

Technically that makes the hot tub fed with copper. This is kind of a loophole in a way around it but we do it all the time it’s technically a hot tub is still fed with copper. This is good for installations when you have a really long run from your panel to your spa area. You can save you money to buy the aluminum over copper is aluminum is my cheaper.

What size wire do I need for a 220v hot tub?

The voltage of a hot tub whether it is 120 or 240 is the voltage fed to the tub itself. Most larger size tubs is 30 A and above are all 240 V tubs. Keep in mind that most 240 V tubs require both voltages 120 and 240.

This is why it is necessary to run a three connecter white, red and black so you have both 120 and 240 V voltages. Even though the tub runs with 240 V heating elements some of the motors may still require 120 as well as a sensitive electronics. We also called as a neutral is needed to run these components inside of the hot tub.

There are some smaller hot tubs that are plug into 120 volt only. These are known as soft tubs.

Can you run a 220v hot tub on 110?

A hot tub that is rated for 120 V is mostly your standard size smaller plug-in hot tubs. This is including the four person five person and six person soft tubs. You cannot run 240 V to a 120 V hot tub. If you run 240 V to the hot tub or rather 220.

Then it will simply blow up the electronics and cook the hot tub. This puts it in unsafe situation so you should always treat the manufacturer’s specification details on the hot tub or the warranty booklet your purchase. Window consult with your local electrician they will be able to advise you how much you actually need to pair with hot tub.

Can you use 6’2 wire on a hot tub?

Actually you cannot use 6/2 wire on a hot tub. You’re thinking OK well 6/2 wire is ready for 60 A. 6/2 wire is 240 volt wire only. Like mentioned above you need an actual 6/3 wire to have that neutral to run those sensitive electronics.

This is very important. Most North American hot tubs require that neutral so they have both 120 and 240 voltages. Now it may be different in Europe as they may only have 240 or 220 V tubs but for for American standards most hot tub you fine will have 120/240. Again make sure you spec you check your manufacturer’s details and warranty booklet and don’t forget to check the name date on it on the side of the hot tub.

How far can you run a 50 amp wire?

You can run a 50 amp wire or number six at least 100 feet without any voltage drop or any type of problems. Anything more than that then you should go to a larger size conductor a number for something ready for 80 amps. Once you go over 100 feet any large loads will have some sort of a voltage drop.

Now, there is a voltage drop calculation formula however we will not get into that. Just know that 100 feet is a good length to go with his rule of thumb. If you get too much voltage drop to your hot tub this will cause sensitive power issues inside the hot tub and could void your warranty.

Is it cheaper to run a 110 or 220 hot tub?

The answer to this is actually the same price. If you have a 1500 W hot tub at 120 volt it will cost you the exactly same amount as running that 1500 W hot tub at 220 volt. Your power is charged by your wattage not your voltage. The voltage is simply related to the wire size.

So, as an example if you double your voltage you would reduce the size of your amperage. So in essence since you’re charged by the kilowatt hour. This result in the same usage for the hot tub. However having said that most small 120 volt hot tubs only come up to 1500 W.

240 volt or 220 volt hot tubs can be much larger in a much quicker heat recovery. Keep that in mind that most 120 volt hot tubs will not stay warm with a cover open. As much 220 volt hot tubs well. At the end of the day you get what you pay for. So if you’re going to choose a 220 volt hot tub expect to pay more to run it especially if the heat cycle stays on when the cover is open.

Does a hot tub need its own breaker?

Yes, all hot tubs are required to have their own dedicated circuit on their own dedicated breaker. In fact it is required that you have GFCI protection for the circuit. This can come in the form of what we call a spa buddy to have the GFCI protection offered right in it.

In addition if you have a 220 volt hot tub you can put the GFCI breaker right in your power panel. Most 120 volt hot tubs are plugged into a 15 amp circuit so regular GFCI receptacle will suffice this is definitely a cheaper way to go in supplying a GFCI breaker. These are many more times the cost as a regular GFCI receptacle.

How much does it cost to wire 220 for a hot tub?

Hot tub prices vary basically for 120 V plug-in soft hot tub you only required a 15 amp circuit. A 15 amp circuit with GFCI protection straight back to your panel should only cost a few hundred dollars. However when you get into larger 220 V hot tubs with a spa buddy they can add up quickly.

The basic installation for 60 and 50 amp hot tub with the spa buddy including GFCI protection the labour the wire cable and hook in the connections up to the hot tub usually cost the customer around $1000.

This is assuming that a certified electrician does this so if you’re reading this planning to make a purchase on a new hot tub you should take this into consideration if this is not a cost. Most times when you purchase a hot tub they will not tell you this or not include any of these parts in the installation of the hot tub.

What type of wire should I use to wire my hot tub?

Generally speaking it really depends on how you’re going to do your hot tub installation as to what kind of why are you should use. If you are running through the basement of your house and you have wood construction and you were permitted to use a Romex or an NMD style conductor.

Once you exit the building and transition to the outside. Then you will need to switch to armour protective cable. Armoured protective cable can be a cost on you. Or it can be of ACWU. Which means AC 90 non metallic wet underground.

If you’re going come right or your panel location and bury the wire to an offsite location or away from your house and you should use a Tech 90 cable right from the panel out through. Just be sure the conductor is protected and installed correctly.

Does hot tub wiring need to be buried?

If your hot tub is installed on your deck then there’s no need to bury your wire. Just make sure you use the appropriate size or appropriate kind of wire like mentioned above to the hot tub. However not all hot tubs are on decks and some are away from home on a separate concrete pad.

This means you will need to use the proper insulated and type of wire . If it is wired in a non-vehicle area you need a minimum of 18 inches depth. It’s also needs to be backfilled with sand. If you cross a run under a driveway. Then you need a minimum depth of 900 mm or 3 feet. The same rule applies with sense. Make sure you talk to your local licensed electrician free try to do any of your homework.