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Electrical Services In Nova Scotia

Choosing the proper company for your electrical services in Nova Scotia is a process that should not be taken lightly. The first question that you should ask yourself is the company you are interest in hiring reputable. 

Firstly does the company have proper liability insurance. There is nothing worse or more dangerous that having Joe Blow in his dads truck doing your electrical work because its cheaper. 

When it doesn’t work or worse burns the first thing your insurance company will ask you is was the work completed by a certified electrician and did they have insurance.

Secondly does the company have worker compensation? Did you know that if the worker is injured while working on your property and they hurt themselves then you could be liable? Yes you can.

Lastly does the company actually have a licence  to work on the electrical. Most electricians carry their licence on them.

Types Of Electrical Services

There are many different types of electrical services however it is basically broken down into three types.

Residential electrical services are the companies that deal mainly with dwelling buildings such as houses, garages small rental units etc. This also includes services work, repairs and renos.

Commercial electrical services are companies that mainly focus on store fronts, office buildings fire alarms and larger apartment complexes. Often this work leads into your smaller industries and local shops for example a mechanic shop that need to be wired.

Industrial electrical services are larger companies in which their primary goal is to work on larger projects usually government funded or tenders. This type of work often includes fish plants, refineries, schools government buildings and production plants.

There are some areas that fall between the cracks line generator installation and sales, off grid solar, security companies and home automation. We will get into more detail on some of our blog posts.

How To Choose Which Electrical Services

As I mentioned above about how to choose which electrical services to use really depends on your need and how much money you are willing to spend. There is an old saying which still stands true and that is you get what you pay for.

An old retired electrician once told me about good cheap and fast. I said “what do you mean”? He said well, you can have a good fast job done, but it won’t be cheap. You can have a fast cheap job done, but it won’t be good. You can also have a good cheap job done but it won’t be fast.

how to choose which electrical services