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electrical photo gallery

Electrical Photo Gallery

Conquerall Electrical Photo Gallery

Welcome to our electrical photo gallery from our company. This is a collection of pictures that we have compiled over the years so you can feel free to browse through them. Safety is most important to us in our day to day procedures. We take pride in electrical work.  

Choosing The Right Electrical Equipment

It can be difficult when choosing the right electrical equipment. Often it it more difficult for us as a company. We are only as good as the equipment we supply. In the electrical photo gallery you will see some gray and white panels which are made by Eaton. This company is formally know as Cutler Hammer and we have had wonderful experiences with them in the past. The breakers and devices are great quality and they back up their products under warranty so we are not out of pocket if something malfunctions.

The most common problems that we have are with gfci outlets and smoke detectors. The gfci outlet often gives us rest issues and need to be replaced. You can usually tell this by the flashing red light but it does not often mean that it needs replacement. Try pressing the reset button first to see if it resets so you are not calling us out on a service call.

The other issue we often have is the wired in smoke detector with battery back up. They need to have maintenance by the customer. Once a years the battery needs to be change and if not the smoke detector will beep once per minute until you change it. It’s a good practice to change all of the batteries at the same time which often saves you from chasing beeps from other smoke detectors. Smoke detectors are code and must be installed to satisfy your insurance company.