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Electric Thermal Storage

Electric Thermal Storage In Nova Scotia

Ets or electric thermal storage is a process of thermal storage imposed into ceramic bricks. These bricks will hold temperatures up to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit and stored heat is then slow released through the process of convection into the air from the heater itself.

 The heaters are well insulated so they can hold the heat for up to a 24 hour period. There is a digital timer built in combined with a very accurate thermostat to sense the room temperature desired. 

The heaters have a contemporary look and can be installed in any cold spot of the home or office and also complement the popular mini split heat heat pump. An example of this is to have a heat pump in the main area and Ecombi Ets in the back bedrooms or basement to even out the heat in the house.

Ecombi ETS With Electric Thermal Storage

How Ecombi Works With Cheaper Power Rates

 Ecombi can be set up several ways with it’s digital timer.  The design takes a charge of power during the off peak period that Nova Scotia Power offers at a reduced rate. The reduced rate is almost half of the regular rate which the utility does to cut down on their power production during peak times and reduces their carbon foot print.

  To qualify for that reduced rate you must have a thermal storage of some kind, whether it be Ecombi heaters or an in floor concrete floor mass to heat up.  A physically different meter called a digital time of use meter get mounted on the outside of your home in the place of your old meter and not to be confused with a smart meter. Once installed the meter has pre-loaded time and date to know when to charge you so everything in the house is on the same rate too. See the advantage!

Electric Thermal Storage Heating Prices

                      Ecombi Model 158            Potential ENS Rebate 

                      920 watts will heat            After Tax

                      up 100 square ft        

                      $ 1,099.99 plus HST          $ 316.00

                     Ecombi Model 208

                     1310 watts will heat 

                     up to 130 square ft   

                     $ 1,299.99 plus HST          $ 420.00

                    Ecombi Model 308

                    1960 watts will heat 

                    up to 200 square ft  

                    $ 1,399.99 plus HST           $ 628.00

                    Ecombi Model 408

                    2620 watts will heat 

                    up to 260 square ft 

                    $ 1,499.99 plus HST           $ 840.00

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electric thermal storage

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