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Do Electric Fireplaces Use A Lot Of Electricity

Do Electric Fireplaces Use A Lot Of Electricity

Wondering do electric fireplaces use a lot of electricity? Want to purchase onw but not sure of the cost? We can help.

Electric fireplaces use up to 1800 watts of electricity on a standard 20 amp 120 volt plug in outlet. Depending on your energy rate from your utility company this could vary. An example of this could be 1.8 kw the (fireplace) x .16 per kwh ( energy company rate) x 24 hours = $ 6.91 per day. Yes they can be expensive when used as a primary source.

Not everyone leaves a fireplace on 24/7 so read on for some helpful tips.

1.Do Electric Fireplaces Use A Lot Of Electricity

Yes they can if you run them continuously the electric heat element consuming basically 7 dollars per day can cost you up to 200 per month or 2400 per year.

Combo fireplaces with wood.

In general electric fireplaces use a lot of electricity. When the fireplace is not in use. Though some electric fireplaces do not use much electricity at all.

You will find a number of things that contribute to the cost of electric fireplaces. Lighting is an important aspect of this. Lighting for the fireplace gives it an attractive look. It also acts as a timer for the fireplace. This feature adds a bit more complexity to the installation of the fireplace.

The fireplace does not use a lot of electricity. When the fireplace is not in use it uses very little electricity. You can easily keep the fire burning using the fireplace without consuming a lot of electricity. The main reason for the electricity usage when not in use is the lighting. Lighting for a fire takes a lot of energy.

2.Do electric fireplaces consume a lot of energy

Generally electric fireplaces do a lot of energy when used as a primary heat source. Consider using other heat sources to heat the room.

The size of an electric fireplace ranges from small round to sleek rectangle and even round fireplaces. You can purchase electric fireplaces in most standard sizes including standard, medium, large, extra large, and king and royal.

Do electric fireplaces have working fireplace inserts

It’s worth mentioning that some electric fireplaces some, can have a cast-iron insert. If the electric fireplace does not come with an insert you will be required to purchase a full size insert. The cost for an electric fireplace is almost the same as a traditional fireplace without a full size insert.

3.How much will an electric fireplace raise my electric bill?

If it is used for more than decoration than it will raise your bill substantially.

By switching to a different heat source (heating oil, etc) or buying a mini heat pump, you’ll reduce your electric bill.

However, you can expect to pay a little more to purchase these alternatives to an electric fireplace.

What can I do to lower my electric bill and keep the old-time appeal of a fireplace?

Take action today to save on your electric bill.

1. Take advantage of our solar fireplace rebates

2. Change your light bulbs to energy-efficient lights

3. Use cold air duct cleaners

4. Turn off your lights when you leave the room

5. Purchase a mini heat pump

4.Do electric fireplaces save on heating bills?

Sometimes. depends on region and efficiency of the electric fireplace.

Are there any labor costs to clean an electric fireplaces?

Yes. (but usually not if you are using an electronic timer).

Do they produce smoke?

Only under certain conditions such as incandescence that burns too hot.

There are a few who will sell you their own electric fireplace, which will cost them around $2,000. But often it’s a less expensive source, such as the Ensto electric fireplace. You can save around $1,500 compared to an electrical fireplace. And you can customize the look with the Ensto style control panel.

do electric fireplaces use a lot of electricity

5.Do you need a special outlet for electric fireplace?

They should be on a dedicated electric crt. 15 or 20 amp 120 volt.

Ensuring an electric fireplace works safely is a question every electric fireplace owner should ask. Most electric fireplaces have a safety switch which will prevent the fire from starting if the device does not detect that the room is empty. This is referred too as an occupancy sensor.

However, if this safety switch is missing, you should be sure to connect your device to a power source and a specific outlet for the safety switch in case the safety switch in your fireplace is not functional. If the safety switch for your fireplace is not the desired type of switch, then it is possible you will need to purchase a standard outlet.

6.Can you leave an electric fireplace on all the time?

It is not recommended that you do. A lot of these have safety features so they go out if they are left on unattended.

At least not for long periods of time. The fireplace will work on a thermostat to heat the room so it should shut on and off on it’s own. However not all models are made like that. Look for this when making a purchase.

7.What is cheaper to run gas or electric fireplace?

As a general rule gas of propane fireplaces burn less fuel and are know as a more cost effective way to heat than electricity. Keep in mind the difference can be several thousand dollars in the difference in price from the gas to electric fireplace to purchase.

Another consideration is the gas or propane tanks you will need to have installed. So it boils down to the amount of usage of the unit.

8.Are electric fireplaces safer than space heaters?

No matter what you decide, always use caution.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) advises that space heaters, fireplaces, portable heaters and stoves are the most likely items to cause a fire in a home or apartment.

Electric fireplaces can cause fires, when they are improperly installed, operated, or used.

If you are using an electric fire place as a primary heat source, turn it off when you leave the room or go to bed.

Always keep electric fireplaces fully vented to the outside.

Have a chimney inspected by a licensed chimney sweep before the fire season.

The cost of electric fireplaces varies based on size, capacity, appearance and features, and material. We recommend discussing the costs of these fireplaces with a licensed contractor prior to purchasing one.

Does fireplace add value to home?

Electric fireplaces can add to the value of your home. If you are concerned about adding to the price of your home you can try out different electric fireplaces in one week.

If you have a small home without many rooms electric fireplaces do not add to the value of your home.

Electric fireplaces offer warmth but there are better ways to heat your home than with electric heat sources.

When considering adding an electric fireplace to your home make sure the fireplace is installed properly. Your fireplace needs a flue pipe which goes into the chimney.

Before installing an electric fireplace, check your chimney is up to scratch and that the stovepipe fits into the chimney correctly.

Electric fireplaces can add to the value of your home.

How long does an electric fireplace last?

Generally it depends on the model, but most the reviews give a few years at best.

Are they easy to use?

Generally the reviews show that they are very easy to use. Most will tell you to mount them in front of the fireplace so that you have access to the controls.

Is an electric fireplace safe?

Electric fireplaces can be quite safe. A great many will have an automatic shut off switch on the door in case of over use or over temp of the fireplace.

What kind of fireplace wood should I use?

Most have heaters, which allow them to stay very hot. The reviewer that I refer to likes to suggest oak logs, which will burn at a nice consistent temperature.

Does using an electric fireplace add a lot of heat to a room?

Yes, electric fireplaces do add quite a bit of heat to a room.

Can a TV go above an electric fireplace?

A small TV gets a low 6 foot voltage and doesn’t put out much heat. A standard size fire place gets a 20 foot or even greater voltage. When the electric fireplace comes into the room it will need to have a 12 volt breaker installed if it is in series with the TV. This ensures that the TV doesn’t overload the heater causing it to break.

Why would I need to disconnect the TV?

A TV is just one of many electronic devices that can overload the heater. Make sure that the TV is disconnected when the electric fireplace is in use.

How do I get electrical plugs for a TV?

There are two types of electrical plugs. The round type which are oval shaped and the flat type.

Is a fireplace worth the money?

Starting in the second half of 2015, you are going to start to see lots of chimney and fireplace safety. If you are looking to have a fireplace, please check out this one.

A fireplace that is handmade out of solid brick, stone, and has a tile insert should never be used as a primary heat source. If you’ve ever used one of these types of fireplaces before, you’ll know this. A good fire pit, or outside fireplace with a fire pit and heat embers, is an amazing source of heat. But, in order to be effective, the chimney, which is the part that goes into the sky, should never be used as a primary source of heat.

Before you even think about getting rid of that old, inefficient and unsafe fireplace insert, please consider what you are doing.

What size breaker do I need for an electric fireplace?

a. You will need a 1 phase breaker for 15 amps (see breaker information under breaker)

b. If your home is under 60 amps, it is not necessary to purchase a 1 phase breaker

c. There are a variety of small turnkey electric fireplaces that have no breaker. They just require a safe lid.

Generally electric fireplaces do use a lot of electricity when used as a primary heat source. consider using other heat sources to heat the room.Generally electric fireplaces do use a lot of electricity when used as a primary heat source. consider using other heat sources to heat the room.

What are the top things to look for when purchasing an electric fire place?

a. Put the transformer outside, away from cold air drafts to avoid electric shock.

b. Understand all plugs and systems that will be required.

Is it OK to leave fireplace on overnight?

Generally electric fireplaces do use a lot of electricity when used as a primary heat source. consider using other heat sources to heat the room.

Is it OK to leave fireplace on overnight?

The cost for the fuel used for an electric fireplace is based on the weight of the wood fuel you use.

Sometimes you’ll find that the cost to start an electric fireplace is somewhat higher than the cost to purchase the wood to heat your home. This is simply because of the expense of the additional items needed to get the fire started. While these additional items may be available at a home supply store or may be purchased online, they’re not always cheap.

Which is the best electric fire to buy?

Need to use the bathroom before a sleepover with friends? Do you want a fire to warm your room and to help heat the water? Now is the time to purchase an electric fireplace for your home.

Wondering do electric fireplaces use a lot of electricity? Want to purchase onw but not sure of the cost? We can help.

Wondering do electric fireplaces use a lot of electricity? Want to purchase onw but not sure of the cost? We can help.

Eon electric fireplaces have a relatively low running cost and an easy to clean system. This is perfect for new homeowners and renters as it’s great for keeping the cost down.

It also makes it easy to decorate with. It’s designed to look stylish and help warm up your space.