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Bucket Truck Services Nova Scotia

We provide essential bucket truck services in Nova Scotia for the hard to reach areas. With have a certified boom truck to take care of your needs. Some of the common uses for the boom truck is sign repair. With a variety of led options for your business. The boom on the back of the truck has a 40 foot reach so its perfect for parking lot lighting.

 Our employees wear the proper safety equipment, fall arrest and have aerial work platform training tickets.  Rates vary as per usage. We do large and small jobs, commercial and residential. We can also do pressure washing, Christmas lights, banner installation, tree trimming and much more. The boom itself has a lift capacity of 400 pounds so it can even lift small rooftop heating unit.

Bucket Truck Services in Nova Scotia

Sign Repair

We take measures to ensure the safe use of the boom. Our  team makes use of all the proper safety equipment. The main reason is that our guys do visual and physical checks regularly.  They also pay attention to manufacturer recommendations from Altec or anything that may cause excessive wear to cause more frequent inspections. Bucket truck safety is very important to us. Not only for our workers but for our customers as well. We often ask the client to stand clear when the boom is extended on the truck. 

 When we do sign repair or installation, we often set up pylons inside the working space to warn work is being performed. The truck is also equipped with many flashing led lights to warn traffic. If the sign requires us to dig a trench we can do so with our mini backhoe. Floating the backhoe is very easy because we have our own flat deck trailer. Some of the sign types we light up are in sign lighting with ballast and on ground landscape lighting.

Bucket Truck Services in Nova Scotia

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