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Best Led Strip Lights To Sleep With

Best Led Strip Lights To Sleep With

Installing a new led strip lights in your bedroom? Wondering what the best led strip lights to sleep with? This article can help you decide.

Best Led Strip Lights To Sleep With

In total from a safety point of view, the best style led lights to purchase is a low temperature light. Make sure the led strips have thermal overload protection built into them. Install them in a well ventilated area to keep them out of confined spaces if you plan to sleep with them on all night.

There are a variety of different kinds of lights so read on.

1.What Is The Best Style Led Strips To Sleep With?

1) Low Temperature LED Strip Light The first style led strip light we would like to discuss is a low temperature strip light.

Low temperature light produces very dim lights and is popular for nightlights and nightstands for your bedroom.

This light does not produce a lot of heat so you do not need to worry about the light being too hot to sleep with.

This is also perfect for someone who has trouble sleeping, since it produces a very low light.

The best style led strip lights to sleep with do not have a ton of different lighting modes, but they do have some features such as flickering mode.

The different modes serve different purposes for your nightlights. There are four different brightness settings to choose from, giving you a good range of options depending on what you need.

The most popular color for sleeping is red. Some of our top choices below.

2.What Is The Best Location To Install Them?

If you do not have access to a well ventilated area (which would not be safe), install the led strip lights in a well ventilated spot in your bedroom.

The best location would be near a window or bedside table.

A foot of room from a wall would be helpful if you plan to have them on for most of the night.

If you decide to sleep with the led strips on a night stand, make sure they are positioned in a way that will not be too bright to your eyes when you open them in the morning.

This is an important consideration, and we recommend reading how LED Strip Lights Can Affect Your Sleep.

LED Strip Lights Do you need to purchase an LED strip light for your bedroom? This is one of the most versatile lighting options, and you can find a lot of options on the market.

3.What Color Led Lights Should I Sleep With?

You can either have a room lighted with regular LED lights or you can have a room lighted with a colored led light.

The effect is that of a very soft light coming from a little bulb. It’s dim, not very bright, and is very pleasant and calming on the eyes.

It’s also perfect for setting the mood for relaxation. So we will start by advising you to consider a colored led light.

You may find that white bulbs give you a little too much light.

Especially if you are trying to sleep in total darkness.

A colored led light might be better, if you have the option. If you don’t have a color led light in your bedroom, you can look for a black light.

best led lights to sleep with

4.Can Led Strip lights Cause Fires?

The weight of the led lights can burn the ceiling of your bedroom if you have a installed them incorrectly.

Keep them in a dry and safe area if you’re unsure they may be a fire hazard.

LED led strip lights Safer than other led lights That are confined in a fixture. These are highly energy efficient, which can lead to reduced electricity bills.

Some common features of LED strip lights include: Wide Ls mean that the light is equally distributed to all your lamps, meaning you won’t have any harsh shadows.

Here’s a current selection of led strip lights and lamps, including affordable ones.

Take a look and see if these LED led strip lights would work for your needs.

5.Common Problems With Led Strip Lights

Contamination – When you use led strip lights in the bedroom, you may want to put them in a room or bedroom with no electronics.

This is important, so you do not contaminate your living space. Some led lights do not meet government standards, so you should be careful when you choose to use these lights.

Stealing – Often times, led strip lights are advertised as theft deterrent, however, they may be setting you up for theft. Often times the thief can see that the light is powered by an outlet.

Especially outside where you would have cameras. It would be easy for them to unplug the lights and put you in darkness so they can not be seen to break in.

Sometimes the theft is easy as they simply take the led light with them.

This is bad for the thief, bad for the property, and bad for the homeowner.

6.How To Avoid Damaging Led Strip Lights

Be careful when installing led light strips in your home.

Carefully follow the direction on the bulbs and keep the bulbs dry.

Led strips need plenty of ventilation so they don’t become brittle or break.

If the led strip light is more than one section bulb long, run the string of bulbs through the legs of a table or piece of furniture. Set the led light strips with the light side facing down and the cold side of the strip facing the warm side of the strip.

Should You Choose Large or Compact Led Strip Lights? One of the most important things when selecting led light strips for your bedroom is the placement. In general, the larger the strip, the brighter and wider the light.

The result is that it can fill up more of the room and diffuse the light more easily.

7.Do Led Strip Lights Get Hot?

Despite the fact that led strip lights can be a handy light source, be careful as some LED led strip lights can become a hazard if used on low voltages (i.e. when you’re asleep).

If they are ON all-night or covered with a blanket etc, don’t exceed the 12 volt limit. Low voltage can burn out the transformer if you use a higher volume of the light than intended.

LED led light strip lights do not function properly with incorrect voltages and no surge. If you are forced to use the strip when the power is not flowing, the strip will burn out as the LED current falls very low.

If you’re looking for a soft white light and you like to sit in bed and enjoy the light, you may prefer a ribbon/strip light over a floor lamp or a table lamp.

Make sure you do not confine it or cover it up because it will get warm or hot.

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