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Best Dimmer Switch For Led Recessed Lights

Best Dimmer Switch For Led Recessed Lights

Knowing the best dimmer switch for led recessed lights can be hard to choose sometimes. Read on and we will tell you what we have used over the years.

Best Dimmer Switch For Led Recessed Lights

Purchase a dimmer rated for at least 600 watts led compatible. Newer led dimmers come in toggle style and decora. Leviton is leading the market for led dimmers, smart switches and devices. Make sure you do not purchase a dimmer marked “incandescent only” it will simply not work correctly with led.

All dimmers have different qualities so read on for the proper one.

What To Look For When Choosing Your Dimmer Switch

LED Dimmer Switch – Don’t forget about those older led recessed light fixtures that use big globes. LED recessed light switches will dim the light based on the input type.

For example, when you want a LED enabled on/off switch in the wall you will need to get the LED dimmer switch that has a toggle switch option.

This will allow you to toggle the light on or off if you need to.

The good news is you can use your LED dimmers with just about any kind of bulb. Led dimmers will also dim incandescent bulbs.

The time has come to look for a model that meets minimum requirements for light fixture. Any older light fixtures will use a regular old dimmer, but most new ones will need an led dimmer.

Be careful when your purchase the light fixture as most newer led fixtures are embedded with glass and you can not change bulbs.

You can purchase these dimmers here below.

Buy The Best Compatible Dimmer Switch

For most types of fixtures, simply making sure it’s compatible with a dimmer switches will do the trick.

You can buy a best dimmer switch as an individual item but then you run the risk of building a relationship with your dimmer only to have to replace it later if your fixture breaks.

We have never found a number of dimmer switches on the market that we want to use.

Many of them use an old style rheostat which will not work with an led light fixture. Your lighting solution has to solve all of these problems.

Get your mounting hardware for dimmers that mount to a wall, you will need to mount it somewhere. For the light fixture

best dimmer switch for recessed lights

The Leviton Decora 600w Is The Best Dimmer Switch For Recessed LED Lights

When trying to choose a dimmer switch it is important to know your ceiling type fixture.

Decorators will likely use a drywall style ceiling, so you want a sleek wall dimmer to match.

The best led dimmer switches have long life and can outlast the life of the fixtures.

Select a dimmer switch that has a mode of dimming.

Most common modes are run of three, two and one or slide style. The Leviton Decora 600w is the best dimmer switch for recessed lights. The Leviton Decora Dimmer has all of this. It has a toggle rocker style switch that you just touch and the lights will slowly ramp down or up to their brightness.

Your can see more on this style dimmer here……

Why Do My Lights Flicker On A Dimmer Switch

The flicker on dimmer switches can be caused by three main reasons: Flicker caused by power fluctuations (battery or cord) — This is usually caused by using the switch for a period of time and then turning it off and on again.

The electricity can knock down the electrical current to a specific part of the dimmer.

Flicker caused by electrical or AC issues — This causes voltage fluctuations and flicker which has to be resolved with the electrician.

Or the third reason is that you have the wrong dimmer for the light fixture installed. This will cause buzzing, flashing, flickering and eventually burn right out.

Can The Wrong Dimmer Switch Cause A Fire

Some lights can be too bright, so be sure to check dimmers and switches before use.

If you install the wrong dimmer on the wrong light this will cause the driver device in the LED light fixture to over. It can also cause the LED dimmer to overheat as well.

Electronics inside LED technology is very specific.

If you miss matched the 2 then you could run into trouble. Heat in a confined space like a switch box reminder light fixture could lead to melting.

This prolonged melting could cause of fire is it may not be picked up by the over current protection breaker.

It is extremely important to match the light fixture style dimmer you plan to have installed.

Do They Make Dimmer Switches In 1000 Watt

Yes you can purchase dimmers in 1000 watt. These style dimmers would have heavy electronics and need to be installed in a larger wall box to dissipate the heat generated from them.

All of the leading dimmer switches that use electronics use lithium polymer battery backup in case the power goes out.

Buy a dimmer with 1.8 amp-hour lithium polymer batteries or higher rated rechargeable batteries. This holds the memory or any programs that are set in the dimmer, smart device or timer.

These dimmer switches are for lights in basements, living rooms, bathrooms and recessed lighting.

If you’re unsure, if you have hard wiring, don’t bother with it. If you need a plug-in switch for lamps in basements, kitchen, bathroom and recessed lighting, buy a dimmer with hard wiring and a higher rated battery.

Choose Between Open-Ended or Corded Switches Pick the simplest and easiest option for dimmers.

You can’t dim the bulb if the cord is getting in the way. The universal dimmer comes with on/off switch, function switches, hold switch, a power cord, and both US and EU plugs.

Do not dim devices that are not rated for that use. This will cause the device to malfunction. I you use a plug in dimmer make sure you do not use it on such a thing like a tv. This is why we do not use dimmers on wall outlets.

If you would like to see more on the products we recommend.