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Backhoe Services In Nova Scotia

Need a Trench? We Can Help!

With years of experience from our backhoe services in Nova Scotia on excavators and machines we can dig any electrical trench you need. Get power to your property, shed, garage, landscaping, outbuilding or any other small project you can think of. Our hourly rates are very reasonable or we can price it up by the job. 

Did you know that and electrical trench for power must be a minimum of 18 inches deep in an non vehicle area and 3 feet under a driveway or area where traffic goes?

backhoe services in nova scotia

The trench also must be lined with 6 inches of soft sand on bottom and top of the cable or pipe for protection.  Separating the communications pipe from the power pipe so you do not get frequency noise over the lines is a good idea. The trench, once back filled has a caution marker tape 6 inches down the to warn future work that there is an electrical line buried below. Expansion joints are used at each end of the conduit on account of frost heave. The connections of the conduit are firmly glued together. 

 Running a rope through the communications line is a must. This is so that the service provider and pull their lines through to hook up in the house. A formal inspection is required on any underground service or inspection in the province of Nova Scotia.  Nova Scotia Power is the inspection authority.   Email today for your free price quote..

How expensive is underground power

How Expensive Is Underground Power?

 Although the look of an underground has a nicer visual look. It may not always be the most economical solution. So how expensive is underground power? It’s not like you can just dig a hole and throw wire in it and be done. At least not in any form of exceptionable means to your insurance company, inspection authority or bank financing the project.

 If done incorrect they may very well make you dig the whole thing up. As a rule of thumb we always tell our customer a distance of 100 feet. Anymore than that and you will need to size the cable or conduit larger. This is on account of losses over distance or what we call voltage drop. Have you ever notice the dimming of lights when a larger load comes on in your house? This is the similar effect we are taking about. 

So to sum it up if you want to bring power underground from the pole to the house 100 feet is the magic number. For example if you have a distance of 300 or 400 feet the cable size almost doubles as does the price. In that case you may be better to have your service provider install an extra pole. This will make the underground portion shorter.

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