Quality Electrical Services

Quality Electrical Services


Hello and welcome to Conquerall Electrical. As certified electricians we can provide the best in home quality electrical services here in Nova Scotia.

 We do a full range of residential, commercial and industrial projects at reasonable prices to meet your budget and  our certified technicians will help you plan and complete your requirements efficiently so you don’t have too.  

We can help you handle the permit process and communicate with the local inspection and utility. Our office is located in Bridgewater Nova Scotia and we service the whole South Shore from Metro to Yarmouth.

We offer the latest technology solutions for wiring, communications, heating and distribution of electrical systems because electrical codes in Canada are always changing and we as a team are up to date on the latest and greatest.

 We also can help with take off prices (quotes) on new builds and renovations. Ask about our smart home controls and products. With access to a full line of smart home products we can automate your home.

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Top 5 Quality Electrical Services Tips

You should always organize your job at hand and make a list of material before you go to the hardware store. There are many small items you could forget so making a list first is best. 

Make sure you have all of the proper safety equipment for the task at hand. Safety glasses, gloves etc. Use a fiberglass ladder if possible and don’t forget your safety boots.

Don’t do any electrical work that could put you at harm or in danger. Always consult or hire a local electrician if you have to do any connections or have them do it for you.

Using the correct tools is very important because you wouldn’t try to change a switch plate with a butter knife. Pliers, wire strippers, knife meter etc are a must 

Whenever you are getting into more than a simple light fixture change. It’s probably a good idea to consult with an electrician first. They will know how to help with the layout of the project  that you are trying to complete so when in doubt give us a call.


Geoff Nixon

They are professional on time and reasonably priced. I highly recommend their service.

Stephanie Matin

Stephanie Martin

Conquerall Electrical came to my home on a holiday to fix an issue I was having with my lights. Very friendly, reliable service!

Derral Ling

Andrew and his team are fantastic. Highly recommend because they actually cleaned up after work.

Debra Devine

They did a total upgrade to 200 amps in my older home. They were very professional and pleasant to be around. So many extra things they did as well in relocating switches and lights and even my basement more electrical friendly.